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Here are some of the most touristic places around New York, and some alternatives to that.
The museums are on this other post, just for them.

Empire State

The construction with more than 440m is not the tallest building any longer, but is on of the new yorkers’ sweethearts and busiest.

Tickets starts at $32 (86˚floor). Prices increase each floor: $52 to go up to the 102˚. For tickets and information, check here.
If you are on a budge, save you dollars to go up on the Top Of The Rock.
:: 350 5th Ave, New York, NY 10118

empire state

Central Park 


Get lost, go walk around, one day is not gonna be enough. My tip is to, on every chance, whenever crossing town, do it through the Park.

If you are short on time, get a bike, for me is the best option to get to know it.

There I saw the New York Philharmonic – for free, Music Festivals, skywriting wedding proposal, classes of everything, just name it.

The Park is an extension from the new yorkers apartment, since everything is really small.

Go up by the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, between 86th e a 96th. The skyline is beautiful!


Ground Zero

The 9/11 memorial.
On tuesdays is for free, otherwise is $24.
:: 180 Greenwich Street 


Brooklyn Bridge e D.U.M.B.O. 

view from Brooklyn Bridge

For the have to list: walk or bike through Brooklyn Bridge towards Brooklyn. It’s a beautiful view. Walk around D.U.M.B.O. (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass), Brooklyn Hights: lovely restaurants and one of my favorite book store.



From BK Bridge Park, walk to Brooklyn Hights Promenade, kind of an observatory, great view of Manhattan.



Statue of Liberty Staten Island Ferry

It’s way shorter than looks like. Unless is something you always dreamed of, it’s not worth it all the trouble and the $25.

A great option is to take the Staten Island ferry, from the WitheHall Terminal: it’s a great ride and for free. The skyline on the way is lovely and that are many restaurants around the little island.

:: WhiteHall Terminal: 4 Whitehall Street

Little Italy e Chinatown

Tourist trap. Please, don’t stop to eat there. In the reservation city, restaurants that are fighting over costumers makes no sense.

:: Canal St Station (6)

Grand Central Terminal

The biggest train terminal of the world. You are gonna see everything here: brides taking picture, executives, people and their pets, a lot of lost people, and tourists.
One of my favorite details is the main room ceiling painting: the constellations are painted backwards. Some say that was a mistake, others that it’s so we can have a divine perspective.
::  42nd St and Park Ave

New York Public Library

biblioteca publica ny

On of the most beautiful and most silent buildings of New York.
:: 5th Ave at 42nd St

Bryant Park

Empire State seen from Bryant Park

One of the parks that I like the most when killing time. Check the events going on: yoga classes, outside movies,  there is always something, check here.
Free wifi and next to the Library.
:: 5th Ave at 42nd St


Lincoln Center

It’s the biggest art complex in New York: Metropolitan Opera, New York City Opera e Ballet, a New York Philarmonic, Walter Reade Theaters, Avery Fisher and Alice Tully Halls and the Julliard School.
::  Lincoln Center Plaza, com a 65th St


Rockefeller Center

Comercial buildings complex. In the winter is where the ice skating takes place with the famous Christmas Tree. Also where is located Channel Gardens, Prometeu Statue,Atlas, G.E. Building, and the Top of the Rock.
:: 45 Rockefeller Plaza, 5th Av com 50th St

Top of the Rock 

My favorite observatory view.




The observatory is between the 67˚ and 70˚ floors of the central building ate the Rockfeller Center, and it has a 360˚ view.  You can see Central Park, Chrysler Building, Times Square, Hudson River, East River, Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty.
:: 45 Rockefeller Plaza, 5th Av com 50th St


Saint Patrick’s Cathedral

Huge catholic cathedral in neo-gothic style right by Rockfeller Center. It’s always under construction.
:: 460 Madison Ave, entre 50th St e 51st St


Times Square

People with bags, shopping, crazyness, flashes, câmeras, tourists. I hate this place.
:: Broadway com a 42nd St


United Nations

It’s  sede is open to visitation for $20.
:: 234 E 46th St, entre 2nd Av e 3rd Av

 High Line Park  

Used to be a train line in the midlle of warehouses, and now is a suspended park, since 2009.



Its full of details like an open gallery, look around: bird houses, eccentric neighbours, big sculptures, small and tiny ones.


The park has lots benches, caffe and ice cream shop and different events going on.


It has a great view from various points of the city, including the Statue of Liberty and Empire State.



On one of the ends is the Chelsea Market, best destination. If it’s a week day have a beer at the Biergarten, under the Standard Hotel, and a sausage.
:: 848 Washington St

Chelsea Market 


Chelsea Market-PamellaGachido-MeuPassaporte-new_york-6874

Chelsea Market has great food, little cute stores, and once a month there is a design and clothes Market.



Open Graffiti gallery
:: 45-46 Davis Street

Prospect Park

One of the most famous park in Brooklyn, full of events.

Union Square Greenmarket

It’s a local farmers market where you can buy from organic producers. There is bread, cheese, fruits, honey, strawberry.
Oh, the strawberry.
:: Union Square

River Promenades


One of my favorite ways to go north or south on the city. They go by Hudson and East Rivers. 

There are parks, chess tables, kids play park, water fountains and beautiful view.



about touristing

Don’t buy the city pass!
Usually, is not worth it. City pass tickets usually are for express or vip lines, witch are faster, but more expensive. So you are not really saving what they tell you.
If you are in a rush, in the middle of Christmas and wants to see the high lights, maybe its worth it. If you are buying it anyway, don’t buy it from street vendors.

If you are on a budge, make sure to check for the donation day or pay what you wish. Most attractions have it.

Go on the busiest attractions like the observatories on week days. New York has a lot of weekend travelers, witch makes a great day to go to Queens, Astoria, Coney Island and Beacon. 


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